Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pictures! We Have Pictures! Part One

After a very amateur photo session this afternoon, followed by a good bit of time spent updating my very much neglected Photobucket album, I am ready to innundate my fellow stitchers with tons of photos that only a fellow stitcher would appreciate. These are pictures of my Crazy January 2011 Stitching Challenge projects.

This is the start to Blackbird Designs' "Snow Garden", the first chart in the Anniversaries of the Heart series. I am stitching the entire series on a large piece of 40 count "Exemplar" linen.

Another shot of "Snow Garden".

This is 1992 Prairie Schooler Santa, I have already stitched years 1984-1991, and yes, I am a bit behind!

This is the 2011 Blackbird Designs journal, I am using it to record my daily stitching. The pictures in it are gorgeous.

This is the only project in my Challenge list that hasn't been started yet, but I plan to at least put a few stitches tonight, and will then just be a day behind. It is a Sue Hillis Design, I saw the model at my former LNS, Scarlet Thread, and thought my daughters would both love to have one for their walls, so I have the supplies for two of them.

I have 15 more photos from my Challenge, but need to go fix dinner, so will post more later!

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