Friday, January 6, 2012

Crazy 2012 Challenge-Days 1-5

Just stopping by with a quick update on my Crazy 15 Challenge. So far, I have had a new start every day, plus have stitched 30 minutes every day on my Village of Hawk Run Hollow Block 9, and have started my next Hawk Run project, Shores.  I did cheat a little and already had the black outlining of the blocks done.  Just like coloring inside the lines! I have just got to say, Shores is SO MUCH FUN!!!! My goal is to work on it 1 hour each day.  It's going to be such a joy to work on!  Needless to say, with trying to squeeze in a little work on 3 projects every day, plus put in 40 hours a week at that pesky job, I won't be sharing my challenge progress every day.   I think I'll plan to split it up into 3-5 day segments.  So, without further ado...

First, VoHRH:
Completed Block 6!
 1 week's work on Block 9, 30 minutes per day.
Almost there!  Please try to ignore the fact that I photographed this on the bathroom counter ( note potty in background!)  What can  say, the lighting was good!

Next, 5 hours worth of progress on SoHRH:

Now, Challenge Day 1:

Blackbird Designs "Anniversaries of the Heart" started "Happy Birthday"
Day 2:
started Shepherd's Bush ornament from Just Cross Stitch Special Ornaments Issue 2001
Day 3:

Stacy Nash Girls' Club kit "To My Sweet Pinkeep"
Day 4:
Started Blackbird Designs "Autumn" Loosefeathers on piece already in progress:
Day 5:
Started Shepherd's Bush "Snow Hill"

Thanks for looking!  Have a great weekend!