Friday, January 6, 2012

Crazy 2012 Challenge-Days 1-5

Just stopping by with a quick update on my Crazy 15 Challenge. So far, I have had a new start every day, plus have stitched 30 minutes every day on my Village of Hawk Run Hollow Block 9, and have started my next Hawk Run project, Shores.  I did cheat a little and already had the black outlining of the blocks done.  Just like coloring inside the lines! I have just got to say, Shores is SO MUCH FUN!!!! My goal is to work on it 1 hour each day.  It's going to be such a joy to work on!  Needless to say, with trying to squeeze in a little work on 3 projects every day, plus put in 40 hours a week at that pesky job, I won't be sharing my challenge progress every day.   I think I'll plan to split it up into 3-5 day segments.  So, without further ado...

First, VoHRH:
Completed Block 6!
 1 week's work on Block 9, 30 minutes per day.
Almost there!  Please try to ignore the fact that I photographed this on the bathroom counter ( note potty in background!)  What can  say, the lighting was good!

Next, 5 hours worth of progress on SoHRH:

Now, Challenge Day 1:

Blackbird Designs "Anniversaries of the Heart" started "Happy Birthday"
Day 2:
started Shepherd's Bush ornament from Just Cross Stitch Special Ornaments Issue 2001
Day 3:

Stacy Nash Girls' Club kit "To My Sweet Pinkeep"
Day 4:
Started Blackbird Designs "Autumn" Loosefeathers on piece already in progress:
Day 5:
Started Shepherd's Bush "Snow Hill"

Thanks for looking!  Have a great weekend!


Linda said...

Love all your starts and WIP's. I started HoHRH a few years ago and almost have i block done. I love and have them all.


Mouse said...

ohhh love your new starts and your wips ... you are doing so well with everything even while working ... go girl :) and every other day updates good for me heheheh :) love mouse xxx

me and my 6 cats said...

Waaw you are busy. I love your choises,


Gabi said...

Great choices. Love all of them.

Sally said...

Love all your new starts and your WIPs.

Sharyn said...

Great starts and WIPs! You got alot done with working a full time job too!

Krista said...

Love your blog! I am also a member of yahoo sampler life and linked in from there. Your VOHRH is gorgeous.. And the alphabet sampler too! Happy New Year!

Brigitte said...

Great starts for the Crazy Challenge.