Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mermaids~ A Finish and a Start

As promised, I'm sharing a small bit more of my stitching progress.  A little about me...I am a mermaid well as peacocks, pink flamingoes and roosters!  I am slowly getting around to re-decorating my master bath with new paint, and my mermaid collection displayed.  As a good bit of my mermaid collection consists of cross stitch charts, not yet stitched, I decided that if I ever want to have the bathroom of my dreams, I need to at all times have a mermaid in progress in my rotation.  Having said that, here is my most recent finished mermaid stitchery:
 Cape Cod's Girls by The Primitive Needle
 And the start of my next mermaid, Quaker Gone Tropic, by Michelle Ink.
A picture of the Quaker Gone Tropic chart.

 Once again, I apologize for my terrible photography.  

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mystery Sampler Progress

I know I have been very lax about posting in recent months.  So as not to overload with tons of pictures of all I've been working on, I'm just going to feature one project at a time.  Today I'm featuring my progress on Brenda Gervais' Mystery Sampler.  I belong to an automatic shipment club through Country Sampler in Spring Green, Wisconsin.  If you are interested, I'm pretty sure they still have some spacees available in the club.

My first shipment included chart for part 1, the fabric and threads.  I am using the linen called for, "Confederate Gray", only I am using 40 count, one thread over 2.  My second shipment arrived yesterday, and consists of just the chart for part 2.

I have to say, this is a brilliant marketing concept.  And, I am finding myself working on this to the neglect of the other projects in my rotation, just because there is no picture of the finished sampler.  So, I just keep on stitching in order to solve the mystery of what it looks like!

My plan is to finish part 1 by July 1, then to use the month of July, 30 minutes a day, to do part 2, and the month of August, 30 minutes a day, to do part 3.  This way, I will get it finished, and still have some time each day to get back to my other projects.

Hope you're having a happy summer so far!