Sunday, January 16, 2011

Challenge Photos , Part 3

Free chart "Boo Thyme", by Homespun Elegance, this chart, the fabric, thread and charm, were all brought to me by my sweet friend Lisa, who was fortunate enough to attend the Shepherd's Bush retreat in Utah this past fall. If I'd had another hour to stitch the other day, I'd have finished this one!
"Winter Fab Fob" by Lizzie Kate. Adorable chart, which comes with fabric, tiny little scissors, and beads and a special charm, but no thread! Kind of disappointing, to pay $20 for the kit, not have any of the threads called for, then have to turn around and spend almost another $20 for the threads. For the small amount of each thread used, they could have put them in...just saying...

My sweet friend Tanya, aka the "Sampler Girl", designed this ornament chart, "Bedford Falls Ornament".. I could have finished this one at one sitting as well, but needed threads.

Close up of work on "Coasting Day 1911".

Sampler Girl's "Coasting Day 1911". Another really fun one to work on, I didn't want to put this one away.
One more post, and you'll have seen all of my Challenge progress.

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RuthB said...

Love them all. I could never tackle this challenge since I seem to already collect UFOs as a hobby, but I look forward to seeing your progress through all these treasures.