Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Where Does the Time Go?

Tonight was the parent information meeting at my son's future school--he is in 5th grade, and will be attending middle school in the fall. It's unfathomable that he is this old, where does the time go? I worry about him in a way I never worried about the girls, he is the classic example of a little nerd, and after hearing a lot of horror stories about other boys being bullied in middle school, I am so apprehensive about letting him go.

My husband is going through something, I don't know what you would call it, possibly Edward Scissorhands Syndrome. For all these years, his only contribution to the yardwork has been mowing, and for the past couple of years, he's tried pawning that one off on the kids. I've been the one to do the weeding, planting, and grooming. So, last fall, he bought a chainsaw and went around cutting limbs off of trees, and even cut down a tree. That was like his first taste of blood. Then, he bought a new string trimmer and last week went hacking around with that. So, I come home from work today, he'd gotten out my electric hedgeclippers and had not only gone after the boxwoods, which I had worked very hard to keep in a nice shape, they are a mess, I now have one more thing to do on my already full Easter weekend-I have to re-shape the boxwoods. But, if that wasn't enough, he "trimmed" my lilac bushes, which means he took out more than he left, and THEY HAVEN'T EVEN BLOOMED YET! Yes, that was the scream heard round the world at about 5:45 this afternoon. All my beautiful lilac buds laying in a rubbish heap in the back yard. You can't even imagine the brick I've been carrying around in the pit of my stomach since then.

I heard some good news about my still-phoneless oldest through the sister-grapevine, she found out today that she got an internship for the summer with Belk, which is a pretty large department store chain here in Virginia-North Carolina. Not sure yet if it's a paying internship, but regardless, it will look great on her resume. I can only assume they contacted her via email :)) She does have a real telephone in her dorm room, which is included in her room and board, but I feel quite certain she probably wouldn't know how to make a long distance call home on it.

Tomorrow is day 9 in a 9 day work stretch for me, 5:30 can't come fast enough. My girls will be home tomorrow night for the weekend and I have 3 days off. Friday, everyone is getting a chore list, and we are doing some spring cleaning.

I'm off to put a few lengths of thread in "Elizabeth". Once my techno-teens come home and get my new camera downloading stuff figured out, I'll share some pictures of my progress on my projects.
Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday. I am just hoping for a simple day, with no more drama.


Siobhan said...

Don't worry so much about your son, Cindy. I know, easier said than done! I worried like that about my son. He's happier reading comics and playing video games than anything, he does like sports but prefers individual things like swimming to rugby. He's also a kind hearted guy. I was so worried when he went into secondary school, but things went fine. He's taller than almost everybody, if not everybody, and that has saved him from a few scuffles. Isn't your guy pretty tall, too? I find that helps a lot!

Sorry to hear about DH Scissorhands! LOL Kudos to your daughter with the internship!! Woo! Looking forward to seeing some stitchy pics.

Loraine said...

Hi Cindy,

Isn't it funny how much we all seem to have in common? I too have a son that fits in that category although he is now in 6th grade, going on 7th.
I also have a husband that loves his chainsaw!
Thanks for posting a fun read! Have a great Easter.