Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sloth Day

After working 9 straight days, and I mean 8-10 hour days, then having 3 days off to catch up on errands, grocery shopping, etc, not to mention preparing our Easter meal, and spending time with my kids, I have today and tomorrow OFF! I made up my mind last night that I would do NOTHING but stitch and be lazy all day. And, this is one goal I have successfully met! I have puttered around the house a bit, and worked on Shores of Hawk Run Hollow, still working on the black border. Hunter was still on spring break today, and the little ghoul has become hooked on CSI, he has watched back-to-back episodes all day, so I've sort of listened along. The weather here today has been pretty glum, drizzly and cold, so a perfect day for being lazy. My husband even ordered pizza for dinner! Those Easter leftovers can definitely wait another day! And Gone With The Wind is on TCM tonight! Perfect end to a perfect day.

1 comment:

Loraine said...

Sounds like a perfectly wonderful day! I wish I was you.
Have fun watching Gone with the Wind. One of my favorites. I'm working on Shores as well. I need to get going on mine so I can finish my goal for the month.
Take Care!