Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kids, do they ever grow up?

Yesterday was one of those days you have with your kids... you moms know what I'm talking about, although sometimes I feel like I seem to have more of them than some of the other moms I know. My husband called me at work and says "have you talked to Meredith today?" To which I replied, "no", I sent her a text message, and hadn't heard back. He informs me that there was a reason for this, because her phone had been stolen. He found out because she used her laptop to go on Facebook to let her sister know that her phone had been stolen, and would she let mom and dad know PUUUUULEAAAASSSEEE! This girl graduated at the top of her high school class, and is on the dean's list at VA Tech, book smart, a virtual genius, but she doesn't have the common sense God gave a rock. Seems she was in the library and saw a friend across the way, left her phone on the table to run over and speak to her friend, comes back, and lo and behold, her phone was gone! So, being the good, yet over-indulgent parents that we tend to be, we called Sprint and had her phone suspended so that we wouldn't be getting charged for calls to who-knows-where, then managed to have them work out something to where we were able to replace the phone for $30. The new phone was already delivered here this afternoon, but we are making her sweat it out and not have it until she comes home Thursday for Easter weekend. She borrowed someone's phone to call me yesterday for a minute, and my comment to her was "Oh, my gosh, what did we do before we had cell phones?" after hearing her frantically worrying about how was she going to survive without her phone. To which she replied that she didn't know, she doesn't remember life before she had her cell phone! And, she said, now here's a thought, you guys could just overnight me one of your phones to use until I get my replacement! Don't get me wrong, she is such a good and hard-working girl, and we love her and are so proud of her accomplishments, but what a ditz she can be, we just wish there was a little more balance going on with the distribution of her brain cells. Such is the spice of life, I guess!

We love you, Mom!

Yesterday was not a complete disaster, though--at work we found out that the Chipotle up the street is having "medical Mondays" in April--every Monday in April, if you come in and show your hospital badge, you get a free meal! Guess you know what we all had for lunch!
Happy Tuesday!


Siobhan said...

My daughter had to put her cell phone in for repairs and guess who was without a phone for a week? Me! Then her sister, for 3 weeks. I think at that age they think the world spins around them!! LOL Chipotle... yumm!

Andrea said...

Aww, girls!! They do love their cell phones! I have to say, my son is just about as bad, lol!

Girlfriend, I LOVES me some Chipotle!! If I were you, I'd be there every single Monday, come rain or shine :-) FREE CHIPOTLE??! GET OUTTA TOWN!! We eat there almost every week, my favorite is their chicken soft tacos!