Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March-In Like a Lion, Out Like A Lamb

Yesterday's weather was stupendous, definitely a "lamb" of a day! Lucky me had a day off from work. We did a lot of cleaning up around the yard, blowing and mulching leaves, trimming back last year's ornamental grasses, that sort of thing. I took a few pictures of nature's beauty in my yard, and as soon as I can figure out how to get them out of my new camera, and onto my computer, I will share;)) Today, we are back to cold and dreary. Typical spring.

I have started back with my old project-a-day rotation since last Wednesday, and am much happier as far as my stitching goes. I have managed to get in at least a few stitches on each of the projects in my rotation, I figure a little progress is better than none at all. I didn't have any complete finishes for March, although I am within an hour or so of having 1990 Prairie Schooler Santa finished. I have filling in of his red suit to complete, and he'll be done. I think I'll carry him in my purse with me, and maybe eat my lunch in my car and work on him for a few minutes each day until he is done. I don't think it's possible for me to stitch one of those per month, 6 weeks is probably more realistic. They would go really quickly if I were stitching them on linen, but I am using the khaki Davos called for, which requires stitching with the over-one method, and it is just very tedious. But, they are gorgeous on the Davos, and worth the frustration. I will be able to share my Santa in a few days.
Yesterday was my day to work on Village of Hawk Run Hollow, I am working on block 8 right now. I am working the blocks in random order. I was having so much fun on that last night, I hated to put it away and go to bed at 1:15 this morning! Today, I am working on Carriage House's "Elizabeth", which is also a lot of fun. I started her last Wednesday, and am loving the large blocks of color, and not a lot of color changes. I am getting her dress outlined, so I will have a reference point for stitching her head, and THAT HAIR-I have a thing about wanting to get the faces stitched ASAP when I work on projects that have faces. I guess it sort of brings the project to life.
Enough for now, I have to get ready for work. Enjoy your Wednesday, and hope you don't have too many April Fool's jokes played on you.

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Andrea said...

Hey sweet gal! Good for you on your rotation! Some day I want to stitch those PS Santas too, like you, I have the Davos for stitching them on...hopefully I can do it! I had to laugh out loud when you said THAT HAIR (on Elizabeth)...that's the precise reason I love her, lol! My oldest daugther has WILD hair like that!
Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, yes, Astro is fine, he got some kind of intestinal bug and is feeling a lot better. Of course, Muttley got it too so he's on meds as well.....these pups see the doctor more than I do!
Love ya gf! Your blog looks so pretty!