Friday, March 4, 2011

Old Stash, New Stash

Since our last visit, we had a freaky little snow/ice storm last Tuesday, the 22nd.  I had to capture a couple of shots of my daffodils in the snow.  No harm done, they are thriving, and getting ready to put on their annual show.

 I also wanted to share some pictures of my new stash, all goodies from the Nashville market.

 Above is a picture of a bag full of treasures.  Believe it or not....don't judge a book by it's cover.  I recently started thinking about some UFO's, and charts, and other general stash, and realized that I was missing a bunch of stuff.  So, I tore the house apart and found this tote bag full of goodies down in the basement.  How it got there, I'm not sure.  And, we've had mice in the basement before, so I'm really grateful that everything was in good shape.  I know it looks like a bag full of junk, but believe me, finding it, and digging through it was like Christmas all over!

Here are a couple of pictures of my delightfully tacky Saint Patrick's Day tree.

I will take some progress pictures to share next time, I have not done a huge amout of stitching this past week, I have had a crummy sinus infection, with both ears bulging with fluid=VERTIGO!  Nasty stuff.  Hard to function, much less focus on a needle and thread.  But, things are improving, and I'm back at it.

I can't leave without saying a few words about my sweet friend Lisa Roswell, who passed away Monday in a tragic accident.  Most of you who would be reading this have already heard about Lisa and her car being swept away in a flood.  I never had the good fortune of actually meeting Lisa in person.  I am trying to think back to when we became online stitching friends, I think it's been about 12 years ago.  We met each other in a cross stitch chat board, then participated in some round robins together.  We shared not only our love of stitching, but our love of gardening...I have a bag of some really cool looking wild indigo seed pods Lisa sent me, with a sweet note attached.  I have to admit, I never planted the seeds, because I thought the pods were so neat looking, I wanted to keep them to look at.  Now, even though they are years old, I am going to get the seeds out of the pods and plant them, and keep my fingers crossed that they grow.  And, if I am fortunate enough to have success, they will be planted in a special place in my garden in Lisa's memory.
Lisa and I also shared our love of family, and our kids were roughly the same ages, so we were always talking about our kids.  I can't imagine what her family and friends must be going through.
I am stitching a couple of things in Lisa's honor.  So much irony, it makes me shiver...I have been working on her "Cape Cod's Girls" design as my Monday project this year.  So ironic that she died on a Monday.   And, this past  Monday, the day she died, I didn't work on it, because that was the day I was the sickest with my vertigo. Then, I am trying to do 2 letters of the alphabet per month on my Carriage House Samplings Alphabet Sampler.  The 2 letters I had planned to work on this month were "L is for Lion", and "R is for Rainbow", which are Lisa's initials.  I had chosen them, just because they seemed March-like to me~the lion, for "in like a lion...." and the rainbow for St. Patrick's Day, and leprechauns with their pots of gold at the end of the rainbow.  More irony. 
I know that God had a plan for Lisa, but it's just so hard to imagine not having her here. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  I have to work this weekend.  My girls both started their spring breaks today.  Meredith won't actually get her spring break, though, because she is student teaching this semester, and follows the calendar for that school system.  Rachel will be home tomorrow!


Katrina said...

Sweet tribute to Lisa!!!! She will be so missed.

Great new stash and fun finding the bag in the basement :-). Glad nothing was damaged.

And I love your tree!!!!

Karen said...

It looks like you got some wonderful stash, hope you enjoy it! Sorry for the loss of your friend, Lisa, she seems to be very greatly missed by a whole lot of people, it's unbelievably tragic. I enjoyed your St. Patricks's tree, it is very creative!