Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fwee Wee Wittle Finishes

I've finished 3 small things in the past 10 days....not huge, but finishes nevertheless.

Here is 1992 Prairie Schooler Santa, finished yesterday. 
"L is for Lion", by Carriage House Samplers, started and finished Friday, March 4
Another view of "L is for Lion", which is being stitched on one large piece of linen

Block 5 of "Village of Hawk Run Hollow" by Carriage House Samplings

Block 5, along with my progress on Block 4.
"Elizabeth", by Carriage House Samplings-I finally gave her a face!
Total progress on "Elizabeth"
Progress on "Valentine Rose" by Blackbird Designs

"Valentine Rose" and "Snow Garden"

It's Fat Tuesday~  Enjoy!


Katrina said...

Everything is so pretty!!!! I really want to stitch the CHS alphabet piece. Love the new header too.

Siobhan said...

Nice progress on everything, Cindy! I love that PS santa.

Andrea said...

Girl, you've been busy!! I love every single thing, hard to pick a favorite!

Andrea said...

Me again :)
About the Sprinkles cupcake...there is one here in Dallas. That one pictured on my blog was from when my girlfriend took me there for my birthday, back in 07 I think. It was so pretty, I had to take it's picture, lol! The one in my blogger profile pic is also from that visit :)

Feel free to copy the BC Love idea...mine sat in the "to be finished" pile for more years than I can count. Never could figure out what to do with it, until I got that idea and Deb did it for me. Glad it's done and out where it can be enjoyed :)


Brigitte said...

Oh my, so many great WIPs! I love them all and they all could be mine as well.
Beautiful Santa finish!

Roberta said...

Love all your stitched pieces, they are coming along nicely.