Monday, May 4, 2009

New Look

I don't have a lot to talk about, I've been work, work, workin' too much. I have a day off tomorrow, and hope to get plenty of stiching, reading and relaxing done. I have spent some time this evening fooling around with the looks of my blog, and I must say, I am quite pleased.
My husband's 95 year old grandmother died Thursday, her funeral was today. It is so sad, but she had been going downhill for a few months, she is no longer suffering, which is a blessing.
I did receive a wee bit of stash last week, my birthday order from Colonial Crafts arrived Tuesday, and my Stacy Nash kit from Country Sampler arrived the next day. I managed to sneak in some starting stitches on the Stacy Nash chart last night. I can't wait to see it finished, I'm excited about using all of Stacy's aging techniques to make it looked well-used and worn. Tomorrow I will take pictures to post.
I found out Friday that my LNS, Scarlet Thread, is planning to close in June. This distresses me so. My other LNS, We Keep You in Stitches, closed a few months ago. It's hard when you run out of a thread, and can't just hop in your car and run to the shop to pick up another skein. I love the online shops, but there is nothing like having a real bricks and mortar shop to go to, not only to have the opportunity to hold the merchandise in your hands, but for the comaraderie of the other stitchers.
Rachel is home for the summer. She was craving vegetable soup last night, it was such a rainy, bone-chilling day. I made her a list, and she went to the store, then asked if she could try her hand at making the soup. She made a gigantic pot of it, and it turned out really well, we ate it again tonight. Best part, no cooking for me! She's pretty proud of herself, she's been going around saying "just call me Rachel Ray".
Meredith came home for the weekend for the Apple Blossom Festival, then went back to Blacksburg yesterday. Her boyfriend had his mini-camp with the Green Bay Packers over the weekend, unfortunately (or fortunately), he didn't get picked for the team, so he goes to the New York Giants mini-camp this week.
Enough of my rambling, hope to post some pictures tomorrow, finally. I'm off to work on Shores of Hawk Run Hollow, watch a movie, and put my feet up.


Laura said...

First of all, my sympathy to your family in the loss of your husband's grandmother. It is so sad to lose a beloved family member. Sometimes you cannot believe someone is gone; someone who has been around your whole life. It is hard.

Secondly, I love the new look of your blog!!! Gorgeous!

Do let us know how your stitching, reading and relaxing goes tomorrow! Have fun!

Tracey said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your husband's grandmother, but like you said, she is not suffering anymore, and that is a blessing.
I'm also sorry about your LNS closing! I know how that is because the nearest NS that has all the supplies I need is an hour away. Possibly there is one maybe 30 or 40 min. from you? That wouldn't be too bad..

Siobhan said...

I'm so sorry about your husband's grandmother, Cindy.

Love the new blog look! Very nice.

Anonymous said...


sorry to hear of your husband's grandmother passing away! she is in a better place!

love the new blog look!

joann in tx

Jan said...

Happy Mother's Day. Much sympathy for your recent loss. Enjoy your time relaxing and stitching on Shores.