Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Adopting a New Habit

Just a quick little post to share something I have started today...maybe it would be something that might work for some of my stitching friends trying to work through slumps, or large, tedious or less-than-favorite projects.  As I've mentioned before, I have collected all of the Prairie Schooler Santa cards, since the first in 1984.  For whatever reason, I get really bogged down when it comes to working on them.  I don't know why.  They are fairly small designs, so you'd think they'd work up pretty quickly.  But, for me, they don't.  I think part of it has to do with the Davos cloth I am stitching them on.  They have to be worked with the over-one, stick and stab method rather than sewing method.

Anyway, I would estimate that I put in @ 20 hours on each of the santas I've completed so far.  So, in an effort to work my way through them, I have come up with a new habit that I'm planning to adopt...I plan to work on a santa for 30 minutes each day, every day, until they are done.  Otherwise, I will go days, weeks, months, even years without putting even one stitch in one. A little time spent every day will net me more results than not working on them at all, right?  And, who doesn't fiddle away 30 minutes a day?

 I have worked the santas in order, and have completed 1984-1993 so far.  This morning, I set my kitchen timer for 30 minutes, got out my 1994 santa, and got started.  Here is my progress:

I keep all of my santa cards, pre-cut fabric pieces, threads, scissors, even a little Q-Snap, all packed in a cosmetic travel bag, so I can grab it and go anywhere.  I can even do 10-15 minutes here and there a couple of times a day, while I'm waiting for dinner to cook, or sitting in my car on my lunch break.  And once I've gotten in my santa time every day, then I can work on whatever other project I want .   Wish me luck!


Mouse said...

well done on the plan ... I do something Tricia said to me ages ago and that was to do something for an hour have 15 mins stitching repeat through out the day when you have got lots of other things to do beside stitch and you achieve them :)or at least as near as dammit hahahah :) love mouse xxxx

Siobhan said...

Great plan! My problem is actually sticking to that plan. It's like once I set out a rule for myself, I become a teenager and instantly break it. LOL Nice progress!

Linda said...

Hi Cindy, Great idea. I have tried something similar a few times, but than it goes by the way side. I was working on The Library by LHN and doing one strand a day. Haven't worked on it in weeks. lol I also, have all the PS Santa cards and haven't done one yet. Story of my life.


Michelle said...

Great idea! It's a good way to get over a slump and not feel like you are stuck stitching on one thing!

Littlebit said...

Ooo, I do like that plan and may have to incorporate it into a couple of HUGE projects I have going..because I feel like they are never going to get done! Thanks for the tip! Wow, you have really done a lot of those Santas.