Sunday, July 3, 2011

Christmas in July

I am on day 4 of a 5 day mini-vacation from work.  I had so many plans to get all this stitching done, and work on cleaning and organizing my sewing room.  I did finish part 1 of my Mystery Sampler.  I have worked on a couple of letters of my Carriage House Samplings Alphabet Sampler.  Mostly, I've struggled to finish this santa.  I almost titled this post "Bah-Humbug".  As dear as the Prairie Schoolers are, and since I have collected each yearly chart since the beginning-1984-,  I have to say, I love them, and plan to stitch all of them, but, they are really tedious to stitch, in my opinion.  I think probably due to the fact that they are stitched on Davos.  Working on Davos means you ae basically stitching over one.  In order to keep the x's from sliding underneath the fabric threads, you have to use the over one method of starting the second "leg" in the northwest corner rather than the southeast corner.  And, you must use the stab method rather than the sewing method.  To look at these little santas, you would think they would take no time at all.  Perhaps if I were to stitch them on linen, they would work up much more quickly.  Anyway, I have worked on this one for 3 months.  My goal was to do one per month.  Maybe if I worked on nothing else. 
I think I'm going to take the santas out of my regular rotaion, and turn them into a 15 minute a day project.  Just do a wee bit of work on them each day and see how that goes. 
Anyway, as frustrated as I get, I love them, and they are pretty breathtaking when finished.  Here is my latest, 1993.
I am embarrassed to admit, I have now 10 of these stitched, and have not done the finishing on a single one.  I am planning to turn them all into ornaments.  I even bought one of those grungy, primitive trees to devote to just these santas.  With that said, I have decided to challenge myself to a little "Christmas in July" project~get these things done!  Wish me luck!


Vonna said...

So pretty! I love these Santas...AND I bought the fabric for them and started the very first one (as I own all of them, don't you know - never have stitched one though) and I'm still working on him. BUT I am determined to stitch every single one...someday :)

Gabi said...

Beautiful finish. I have several of these Santa charts, but never stitched one. Looking at how gorgeous yours turned out I think I should start them.

Siobhan said...

They look great! I know what you mean, though--as much as I love PS and how pretty they are when done, I always think they will go faster than they actually do. I sooo badly want a tree full of PS santas but haven't done ANY Christmas stitching in the last few months. I'm going to be crying when October rolls around and I realize just how much I need to get done!