Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Since We Last Visited...

I know I promised to post more often, and I apologize that my posts end up being rather, um, lengthy.  I will try harder to post shorter, more frequent "articles", rather than entire "magazines"!  But, here might want to pack a lunch!

 Here is what the inside of Greg's birthday cake looked like.  Looks better than it tastes.  The recipe on the box that the pans came in turns out VERY dry, so I tried a new recipe this year, and it is no better.  I have now gone online and found a couple of "moist" checkerboard cake recipes, so more experimentation to be inflicted on family!
 And, a belated Happy Valentine's Day.  Here is what my little tree looks like, when transformed from a snowman tree into a Valentine tree.

 This is just a little vignette I enjoy's a wonderful piece of fabric printed with vintage valentine cards, and a neat book of reproduction vintage valentines.
 This is an old Shepherd's Bush door heart.
 Here is my progress on the second sock of my first pair of knitted socks. 
 Here is the first sock.  And, yes, I know, it's pretty homely.  You may ask, why did she switch to a different yarn halfway down the foot?  And, my answer is this: I ordered the striped yarn from KnitPicks several years ago, and for whatever reason, thought that one ball was enough for a pair of socks.  Probably would be for kids socks.  But, after checking the yards in the ball of yarn against the pattern, I realized it wasn't enough.  So, I called KnitPicks, and was told that this color had since been discontinued, and there was not a single ball left anywhere.  But, I REALLY wanted to try knitting a pair of socks with THIS yarn.  So, I decided to find a solid color to use for the heels and toes.  I think I got a little carried away with the toe part on this one...I was so worried that I would run out of the striped yarn for the second sock, that I extended the toe all the way up to where the sock would be covered by a shoe.  I figure, these are for me, they are a learning tool, just don't worry too much about it.
 A new book I ordered arrived last week...on the recommendation of my friend Tanya.  Can't wait to read it!
 Progress on Primitive Needle's "Cape Cod's Girls".
 Progress on Carriage House Samplings' "Elizabeth".  I really need to give this poor girl a face!

 A finish!  Carriage House Samplings' "D is for Deer".
 And, another finish, "V is for Valentine"
 Progress on Blocks 4 and 5 of Carriage House Samplings' "Village of Hawk Run Hollow".
 Progress on Prairie Schooler's 1992 Santa.
 I tried my hand at Chinese cooking last weekend, this is Kung Pao Chicken, it was really, really quite good.
 And. homemade fried rice to go with...also great!
 Lastly, a sign of hope for things to come...daffodils poking through the soil!
Spring is just around the corner!  AMEN!

Friday, February 4, 2011

All in All, a Pretty Good Week

I'm making a real effort to post at least once a week.  Just a quicky to share some highlights of my week.
 My family has a bunch of January/February husband's was Wednesday, February 2.  His favorite cake is yellow cake with chocolate icing.  I have a checkerboard cake pan that I usually use to make him something special.  Unfortunately, I was so busy with work, his cake was just done today, so we are still celebrating 2 days later.  This is a picture of the whole cake, we haven't cut into it yet, I'll share a picture of the inside later.  We did take him to Outback Steakhouse for dinner on his day, and it was fabulous, as always!
 Today is National Wear Red Day, to focus attention on womens' heart health.  This was the best photo I could take of myself, lol, of my arm, wearing a red Life is Good shirt...a muted red, but still red.
 And, my shoes have red yarns on them!
 I've had such an enjoyable stitching week.  This is my completed Black Bird Designs "Snow Garden".  The only thing I haven't finished is the personalization.  The main initials and date are the initials of my grandfather, Shannon French Hollingsworth. I chose to feature his as the large initials and birth year, because he was such a large part of who I am, and I spent a great deal of my life with him.  He died the day before my 18th birthday. I didn't finish the date yet, because I need to ask my mom if he was born in 1909 or 1910.  All 4 of my grandparents were born around the same time, and I get confused about the year.  Anyway, I do know that he was born on January 6, which was the day I chose to start Snow Garden.  My other grandfather, one grandmother, and my sister were also born in January, so their initials will be the smaller ones scattered throughout the design
 And, this is my big piece of Exemplar, with Snow Garden, and the start of "Valentine Rose", which I started last night, on my mom's birthday, February 3.  I will stitch her name and birth year under the house.
 This is Lizzie Kate's "Winter Fab Fob", which I finished over the weekend.  I used to buy practically every Lizzie Kate design that came out, but my tastes have changed, and I hadn't bought one for years.  This one was just so cute, with the little scissors that came with the kit, and the way it was finished in the picture.  I admit to being disappointed when the kit arrived, and all it had was the chart, fabric, scissors and beads, NO thread.  For such a tiny amount of each of the colors that was used, and the $20 cost of the kit, you would think they would have been included. Of course, I didn't have a single thread called for, so I ordered all of them, so close to another $20.  Then, I looked around for the ribbon that was used on the model and couldn't find it anywhere.  But, on the chart is the name of a lady that put together finishing kits.  I contacted her re: the kit-for $14, you get the much coveted ribbon, plus the pre-cut boards, instructions, and some other supplies like a cord to attach the scissors with.  So, what the heck, I ordered it.  I can't believe I have sunk nearly $55 into this silly scissors fob.  I will call it "Cindy's Folly".  Please don't tell my husband.
This arrived in the mail today.  I ordered it from Border's using a discount coupon, and some "Border's Bucks" I had earned through my Borders rewards card.  Can't wait to try knitting a pair of these socks!
I have also made a lot of progress on Blocks 4 and 5 of Carriage House Samplings "Village of Hawks Run Hollow", "Elizabeth", and "D is for Deer" on my alphabet fact, I will likely finish it tonight. More pictures later!
Wow, what started out as a quick post has become pretty long-winded, lol!
And, now it is Friday evening, and my husband is treating us to Chipotle for dinner, which will be followed by birthday cake...what the hey, we only live once!
Have a wonderful weekend!